Broom Fisheries, Annan

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Broom Fisheries, Annan

Post  Dizzy Mepps on Sat Aug 25, 2012 5:33 am

Fished at the Broom on Thursday, 23rd August.

Arrived at 830 to find the forecast had been wrong. Rain showers. Asked the owner if any ponds had been fishing better than others as the last few times we've fished at the broom we've had no luck. The response. It must be our doing as everyone else is catching. Total BELLEND.

Questioned him on whether he classified a catch as a baby perch no more than 3 inches long. He had no answer. (on our last visit a match was underway and all anyone caught were these perch) decided to ask him about tackle and tips and found that a waggler with a size 16 hook approximately 3 metres off the bank was the way forward, EXACTLY WHAT WE HAD BEEN DOING. Was amazing to see his face after that.

Started fishing the pond that supposedly contains the bigger fish, The Square. Never had so many line bites in my life. All 3 of us were constantly aware of our floats disappearing briefly. However, no fish were for taken the hook. In the end up we caught 2 roach and small carp.

I fished on the left hand bank, third peg in. Casting out 5-6 metres and slowly reeling in to a spot just under some over hanging trees.

Not sure I'll be back to the broom. This was the last straw

Dizzy Mepps

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Re: Broom Fisheries, Annan

Post  The Crooked Toby Admin on Mon Aug 27, 2012 10:15 pm

Dizzy Mepps, great post thanks very informative. I've never fished the Broom before but it sounds gash. I don't understand the elitism that some people have when it comes to fishing.

The Crooked Toby Admin

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